Boost-up offers promising and ambitious enterprises a range of services to be successful and be able to accelerate growth. The program consists of two parts. Part one is to assist in building up an organization and prepare for attracting extra venture capital. Part two is support with the execution of an ambitious plan.


More than 50 entrepreneurs are available to share knowledge and experience in a role of personal business mentor. During the whole period of cooperation between Boost-up and the enterprise a coach will support the company in achieving its goals.


Within the group of Boost-up there are different specialist to advise about important elements as Legal Affairs, setting up an effective financial system, Business plan, Fiscal affairs and Human Resource Management.


To work out an effective marketing and sales plan participants in the group of managers and entrepreneurs in Boost-up with contacts in the demanded areas will be asked to support and give market entrances.

Business plan

A well designed and feasible business plan always is the basis for success. Boost-up works with the Canvas Model in support for such a plan. It is also the basis for a good pitch to investors.


If extra venture capital is needed, within maximum of six months after the start of the cooperation a presentation will be prepared. For the presentation all participating partners of Boost-up will be invited to join. Dependent of the investment needed a financial solution will be worked out to finance the period of maximum two years of market introduction and growth.


If the enterprise is looking for new of extra working space Boost-UP will help within its network of participants to find an effective and inspiring business environment.