Boost-up is convinced that success is only possible with an attitude of teamwork and cooperation. Nobody can be excellent in everything. Therefor it is important to develop an inspiring and motivated team, which focusses on good results and growth. Finding launching customers and serving all customers to maximum satisfaction is a necessary start. Boost-up can assist in developing a good team.


Besides the development of a successful team it is also important to gather the right advisors and supporters outside the organization. Boost-up assists in introducing entrepreneurs in new networks and bringing them in contact with the people needed.

Silicon Valley

Boost-up has close ties with organizations in Silicon Valley. Some of our contacts are successful Venture Captalists. Through this relation entrepreneurs can be assisted to the US market and to venture capitalist after the first years.


Some of the Boost-up participants have connections in the real estate business in the Northern Netherlands. They can assist in finding effective and inspiring business environment.