Pure IMS haalt investering op

PureIMS, a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of dry-powder inhalation
products with its proprietary Cyclops™ inhaler, today announced it has secured a new
investment round. New investor Boost-UP Foundation has joined current shareholders
(CardusoCapital venture capital fund, IMDS Medical Devices and LinesBridge Pharma Group) in
this round to finance the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

The funds will be mainly used to develop lead program Levodopa Cyclops™ for US and EEA
marketing, of which early clinical studies already demonstrated very rapid onset of action in
combatting OFF-episodes in Parkinsons’ disease, much faster than other inhaler and non-inhaler

With the current investments the company also pursues opportunities to further enthuse
pharma/biotech companies for early-clinical endeavors looking for innovative pulmonary delivery
options to develop small and large molecules for local and systemic indications. The Cyclops™
technology is also ideally suited for ‘rescue applications’ in areas with an acute unmet need.


Jaap Wieling, PureIMS’ CEO commented,
“I am very pleased with the current investments which enable us to fulfill our desire to take
a major step in the company’s development and to capitalize on the opportunities we see
for Cyclops™ for a broad range of molecules and indications, with marketed compounds
as well as NCE’s and NBE’s.”